New Claim Contradicts Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumors, Two Battlefield Games in the Works

It was earlier this week when YouTuber “AlmightyDaq” claimed that Battlefield Bad Company 3 would be the next installment in the long-running franchise. Considering that his earlier leaks about Battlefield 1 were pretty accurate, it’s only natural to take his word for what’s coming in 2018.

However, renowned YouTuber “LevelCap” has now come forward to contradict those claims by stating that his own sources have confirmed them to be incorrect. There is a bit of skepticism from his side but he believes that his reliable stream of information pretty much dismantles the rumors about Battlefield Bad Company 3 releasing next year.

The little exchange between both YouTubers did not end just there. AlmightyDaq took to Reddit soon after to reveal that there are actually two Battlefield games in development. DICE Los Angeles is working on Battlefield Bad Company 3, while DICE Sweden is working on something else.

“My source has asked me to quell the hype for BFBC3 as it may be the case that BFBC3 comes after Dice Sweden’s game,” AlmightyDaq pointed out. “I will be talking about Dice Sweden’s game in a coming video + post.”

It seems like both YouTubers have been talking about different Battlefield games. It will be interesting to know what DICE Sweden has been working on. There is a bit of speculation over something similar to Battlefield Hardline. If that is true then Battlefield Bad Company 3 is possibly more than two years away from release.

The previous claim was that Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be officially announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2018) and released in fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.