Injustice 2 Free Trial On Consoles Starts Tommorow, Includes All Modes

Injustice 2 is clearly one of the best fighting games that 2017 had to offer, with even The Game Awards backing it up and awarding it as the best fighting game of this year. Since the DC universe has become particularly popular in 2017 due to the plethora of tv series and movies getting released in a minimum amount of time. Warner Bros is grabbing the opportunity offering an Injustice 2 Free Trial for console owners this month.

According to the company, Injustice 2 Free Trial will start 14th Dec and run through 18th Dec 2017, featuring all modes of the game and a variety of heroes to try out. Unfortunately, this offer is available only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, since the game’s release on PC is relatively recent compared to the consoles one.

The Injustice 2 Free Trial trailer’s description gives us a lot of useful information about what this limited offer includes. Apparently, you will be able to play all modes of the game, even though they won’t be fully unlocked and try out all the basic game characters except for one:

Beginning 14th Dec and running through 18th Dec 2017, players will be able to download the Injustice™2 Free Trial on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, giving them a chance to experience every facet of the game including Chapters 1 through 3 of the game’s immersive Story Mode, all multiplayer and online modes, and the full roster of the game’s base characters with the exception of Brainiac. In addition, players will have the opportunity to try select DLC characters in the single player Multiverse mode.

In related news, Injustice 2 December update brings tweaks and balances for 13 of the game’s characters including Hellboy, Captain Cold, Superman, and Sub-Zero as well as some minor bug and error fixes, to ensure the stability of the game.

What do you think about the Injustice 2 Free Trial? Would you like to see it on PC at a later time?