Gang Beasts Has Left Early Access, Now Available On PC And Playstation 4

The multiplayer-focused…”fighting game”…known as Gang Beasts is now available on both PC and Playstation 4 after finally leaving Early Access. The game had previously been announced to be coming to Playstation 4 on December 12, and it appears that the wait is finally over. The game has been in Early Access since 2014.

Gang Beasts mainly focuses around players taking on the role of small combatants with no real features as they flail and smack at opponents in order to get them to somehow fall off the map. Normally these maps are in hazardous environments such as a subway platform, over a pit of fire, on window-cleaning platforms, or on the back of speeding trucks.

The game became very popular for its sheer absurdity and the range of things you can do, including whanging your head on something to knock yourself unconscious, picking people up and throwing them, and more. Players can also dress up their characters in a variety of costumes such as mascots or superheroes.

There’ve been a number of updates to the game while it was in early access, including a pair of costumes that make you look like Rick and Morty from the popular animated show. With all of the different costumes, the sheer absurdity of gameplay, and the wide variety of maps that you can use, Gang Beasts is a good party game for anyone to use, especially since there’s couch gameplay.

If you want to buy the game, it’s currently available on both Steam and Playstation 4 for the low price of $15.99. If that sounds good to you and you want to have some stupid fun with your friends, be sure to pick it up on either platform.

If you’re not sure on if Gang Beasts will be fun or not, take a look on YouTube to see any variety of hilarious play from the game.