ARK Aberration Roll Rat Taming Guide – How to Tame Roll Rat, Where to Find, Taming Tips

Roll Rat is just one of the vast plethora of creatures that have been recently added to ARK through the Aberration update. Taming is can be a process which is not that easy to comprehend, and many players may find themselves struggling with it. This ARK Aberration Roll Rat Taming Guide will tell you all about how to tame the Roll Rat in the new update. We will tell you all about the process and also mention how you can use it and be effective with it while you traverse the wild.

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How to Tame the Roll Rat in ARK Aberration – ARK Aberration Roll Rat Taming

The Roll Rat is one ugly creature which has a way of taming which has an absolutely unique way of taming which is different than any other creature in the game. It is generally a unique creature and does stuff like burrow itself into the ground. You know, the usual rat stuff!

It often shoots out Gems or food when it comes out of the hole, do not pick it up as the rat will be livid with you if you do. Taming the Rat has to be done through honey. Put the honey in your tenth slot and then approach the rat to tame it.

ARK Aberration Roll Rat Taming Tips and Tricks, How to Use

You cannot passively tame it. Wait until the rat makes a hole and then throw the honey inside of the hole. You can hold LB on your Xbox and then press right on your d-pad to throw the honey. Or press 0 on the PC to throw it.

Once you have thrown in the honey, the rat will eat it. Now you will need to keep on throwing the jars of honey until the rat is tamed, which could take a while if the level of the rat is quite high. You might need to manage your honey as it is quite hard to find.

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