AMD Mobile Ryzen 5 And Ryzen 3 APUs With AMD Vega 11 And Vega 8 Graphics Coming In 65W, 35W Variants

AMD Mobile Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 chips have been spotted and these feature faster integrated AMD Vega graphics as compared to what we have got on the market right now. The AMD Mobile Ryzen 5 chips feature AMD Zen CPU cores and AMD Vega GPU cores which seem to be a great combination for gaming laptops. AMD Mobile Ryzen 5 come with Precision Boost 2 And Mobile XFR.

AMD mobile Ryzen chips feature up to 90% better performance as compared to Bristol Ridge. From what we seen from the leaks AMD is working on new, faster AMD Ryzen mobile APUs which will provide more power to the users which means better graphics and higher FPS. While the previous APUs fall under the U series lineup the new series falls under the G series.

The U series stands for ultra-low power and keeping that in mind the G series could stand for gaming but at this point in time, we cannot confirm that is the case for sure. The AMD Ryzen 5 mobile chips will feature a TPD ranging from 35W to 65W. More power consumption could lead to better power and that is something that we are looking forward to.

As of right now, the Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G are the two variants that are listed and the ones that we know of. There will be more coming out down the line and these are expected to come out sometime in early 2018. Having that said it will be interesting to see what Intel has to offer in competition with these chips.

AMD has been disrupting the CPU market and it seems that the company is not done yet. Let’s see what more the company has in store.

Let us know what you think about these AMD Mobile Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 chips and whether or not you would buy a notebook powered by these chips.