Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide – All Optional Quests in Champions Ballad DLC, How to Complete, Rewards

In this Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide, we will guide you on all the side quests added in Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the new DLC Champions Ballad. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open-world RPG game and it Champions Ballad is the new DLC for it. It comes loaded with new content for you to explore and experience in the game. This Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide focuses on the side quests that came with the newest DLC Champions Ballad.

We have detailed walkthroughs of all these side-quests added to the game so that you can easily complete all of them. It is understood that before you start playing these missions, you must purchase the DLC and install them. Once you are all set to play the new DLC missions, this Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide will come in handy so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to complete all tasks for a side-quest.

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Champions Ballad Side Quests Walkthrough

We have included all sorts of information about these quests. Keep in mind that we will be focusing on side-quests included in the Champions Ballad DLC only in this guide. Champions Ballad adds six new side quests for you to complete. Each quest gives you a unique prize upon completion. Most of these prizes will be armor and weapons so these side quests are worth completing.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide details everything that you need to know about new side quests in the DLC Champions Ballad for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – EX Royal Guard Rumors

You can start this side quest by heading to the Riverside Stable in Central Hyrule Region. You will find it near Wahgo Katta Shrine. It is a simple treasure hunting quest. Once you reach the stable, enter it and pick up the journal there. It will tell you about the Royal Guards that used to protect the Royal Family a long time ago. You need to find their uniform in the castle so you need to travel to the Hyrule Castle. Stock up on weapons, armor and food and head to the castle interior.

The first item you need to collect is the Royal Guard Boots. To find them, head left from the main entrance of the castle and find the door on the right side past the Rusted Guardian. This door will take you inside the castle. Enter the castle and in the hallway, turn left to defeat the Lizalfos stationed at the stairs. Defeat it and head down to take down two more Lizalfos. You will find a chest in the middle of these Lizalfos. Collect your Royal Guard Boots from this chest.

Now head back upstairs and enter the hallway opposite the stairs. Find the eye and shoot it to create a path. Follow the path and take a left to clear some malice in a staircase. Here you have two options. Either return to the main entrance and then use the waterfall to reach the eastern side or you can defeat the Guardian and then take a path located on the left to access the Dining Hall. Kill or ignore the Moblins there and continue ahead through the doors.

Follow the path until you reach the end. Here you will see a crumbling wall. Use some Remote Bombs to blow it open. Head inside and find the chest behind the Royal Guard’s Sword. Collect your Royal Guard Uniform from the chest.

The last piece for this quest is the Royal Guard Cap. To acquire it, head to Dining Hall and take the road towards the landslide near the entrance to the library. Here you will find some rocks. Climb these rocks to reach the Sanctum. If you want to skip the boss fight, do not enter the main floor inside. Simply climb the spires and use the low rooftops to reach the second-floor balconies. Once there, look for a chest below the statue of a knight. Collect your Royal Guard Cap from the chest.

Once you collect all three armor pieces, your side quest will be completed and you will be in possession of a brand new armor set.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – EX Treasure: Dark Armor

To start this quest, head to Deya Village Ruins in the Lake Region. You will find them located southeast of the Dueling Peaks Tower. You will have to find the journal in the Deya Village Ruins. You will see a broken wagon here. Near this broken wagon, there is a large destroyed house. The foundations of this house will still be intact. Head inside the house to find the journal and you will start the side quest.

Your task is to find three armor pieces of the Phantom Ganon Armor set scattered in the jungle of Faron Region. The first piece you need to find is the chest piece. Simply head to the Faron Tower and glide down towards the Sarjon Woods. Head to the Sarjon Bridge located in the center of two waterfalls and jump to the rocks under the bridge. Here you will need to use Magnesis to pull up the chest. Open the chest and collect the chest piece of the Armor Set.

For the second armor piece, you need to be on top of the highest waterfalls located north of the Lake Floria. This waterfall turns into Corta Lake as it progresses and it is the third waterfall. You will need to use Zora Tunic to swim to the top. At the base, use Magnesis to pull out the chest containing another armor piece. Collect the Phantom Ganon Skull from the chest.

For the last armor piece, you need to head to Ebara Forest. This is located east of Lakeside Stable. From the path, across the long bridge, you will come across three large statues. One of these statues will be broken. Use Magnesis behind this statue to pull out a chest. Open the chest and collect the Phantom Ganon Greaves.

Once you have collected all three armor pieces, your quest will be complete. You will also be possession of a brand new Phantom Ganon Greaves armor set which excels at stealth.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – Ex Ancient Horse Rumors

This side quest will give you brand new horse gear to customize your horse. To start the side quest, head to Highland Stable located in the Lake Region. This is southeast of the Lake Tower. Once inside the stable, collect the journal and your quest will begin. You will be tasked to find two items in order to complete the side quest. One of the items is located at Satoru Mountain while the second item is located at Malanya Spring – The Fountain of the Horse God.

Head to Satori Mountain first. You will find it located south of Hyrule Ridge in the Ridgeland Region. Find the large tree with pink petals. The ground around it will also be covered in pink petals so you will know about it easily. Use Magnesis at the bottom of this tree to pull out the chest. Open the chest and collect the Bridle.

For the second item, head to the Malanya Spring. To get there, either you can take the longer road or simply climb the hills south of the Lake of the Horse God. Cross the bridge and you will arrive at the Malanya Spring. The chest is buried behind the giant flowerbed. You will locate it easily. Open the chest and collect the saddle.

Once you have both items, you can equip them from interacting with a stablehand at any stable in the game. You will require maximum bond rating in order to switch bridle and saddle.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – EX Treasure: Usurper King

This side quest is initiated from the same journal, which gives you the Quest Ex Treasure Dark Armor. To find the Zant’s Helmet to complete this side quest, head to Tobio’s Hollow. This is located south of the Dueling Peaks. A Hinox also sleeps here. Find the swampy pool in the north of this area and glide down to the island to find the chest buried. Pull out the chest and open it to find the Zant’s Helmet.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – EX Treasure: Garb of the Winds

You will start this quest from the same journal, which gives you the side quest EX Treasure: Dark Armor. This side quest tasks you with finding the Island Lobster Shirt. You need to head to the Cora Lake. You will need to check the motion of the water to determine the source of the river.

It will be coming off from the west side. Start heading there and once you have reached the last few rocks, pull out the buried chest from the water using Magnesis. You will need to create a platform using Cryonis to reach the chest. Open the chest and collect the Island Lobster Shirt.

Champions Ballad Side Quests – EX Treasure: Merchant Hood

This quest is also started from the same journal that starts the side quest EX Treasure: Dark Armor. To complete this side quest, you must find the Merchant’s Hood. Head to the north of the Faron Tower and find the giant stone statue of a dragon. Get to its mouth and find its right hand. Climb the platform where his right claw is and find the chest under its claws. Open the chest to collect the Ravio’s Hood.

This concludes our Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Side Quests Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!