Titanfall 2 Operation Endeavor Brings Forth Tons of New Content – Skins, Banners, and Modes

The next patch for Titanfall 2 is right around the corner, as it will be available to the public on December 19th. There are a lot of updates to the game, as the Grapple has been nerfed (well, sort of!) and the new modes are sure to add excitement to the game as players gear up to fight for Supremacy in the Titanfall 2 Operation Endeavor.

There are a total of six new Weapon Skins that will be available with the operation. You can purchase them individually for $4.99 or as a bundle for $19.99. the skins are the Heat Sink EM-4 Cold War, Masterwork D-2 Double Take, Phantom Longbow – DMR, Purple Fade G2A5, Crimson Fury R-201 Carbine, and the Sky R-97.

Titanfall 2 Operation Endeavor Outlined by Respawn

There are also two new banners, both the normal version and the prism version. Along with this, there are 5 new modes as well. Turbo LTS is a last titan standing game mode which automatically grants players special powers.

Spicy Attrition replaces the ordinance ability with Ticks, The Otherside mode has All Phase Attrition, the Rocket Arena has a Live Fire which has modified EPGs and AutoPistols. Lastly, Turbo Titan Brawl is the standard brawl but with power-ups such as double core generation and Turbo Engine kits.

As for the gameplay changes, Grapple has been reverted back to having two charges, as it was the most used tactical, changing it would have meant making adjustments to balance the entire game from scratch and thus, grapple has been reverted back to its original state.

Apart from that, G2 will now drift upwards when you shoot on the console (The PC version will stay the same). Lastly, there are also numerous optimization improvements for the Xbox One and the PS4 pro.

It will be interesting to see how the changes affect the gameplay, and how good the new skins look inside of the server. Let us know what you think of these changes using the comments section below!