Snowdown 2017 Goes Live for League of Legends; New Skins, Icons, Missions, and More

Snowdown 2017 has finally arrived in League of Legends to celebrate the festive holidays with everyone for a limited time.

The seasonal event comes bearing three new champion skins: Ambitious Elf Jinx, Snow Fawn Poppy, and Santa Draven. They are priced at 1350 RP each and themed around the special occasion with new character animations, sound and special effects, and unique recalls.

There are event-exclusive missions where players must choose between completing either the “Be Naughty” or “Be Nice” mission trees. They reward experience points, Blue Essence (BE), a summoner icon, chest and key, and an emote.

In similar manner, there are event-exclusive “Snowdown Capsules” that guarantee an Epic skin shard and much more. A bunch of festive emotes have made their way into League of Legends as well for the duration of the celebration.

There is also the “Santa Baron 2017” summoner icon that cannot be purchased for yourself, only gifted to others. In addition, “Snow Battle ARURF” arrives as a new game mode that lets you fling spells and snowballs around.

Do not forget that “Your Snowdown Shop” will open its doors tomorrow for the game. It will be stocked full of amazing discounts on both champions and skins, hand-picked by the developer to fit the wintry theme.

Snowdown 2017 will remain live for League of Legends until January 8, 2018.