PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Tips – How to Get Chicken Dinner in PUBGs Desert Map, How to Win, Desert Map Size, Best Weapons

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map is currently being tested on the PTS. If you are yet to access the map all you need to do is download the Test Server. Keep in mind that the Test Server is only available to those who purchase the game. Battlegrounds Desert map is the new stage for all the chaos this IP has to offer.

The current map has seen over 2 million players and is one of the biggest games on Steam right now. Now that the new Desert Map is hitting Battlegrounds soon, it is to be noted that the game plan needs to change. The basics are pretty much the same but there are some additional dynamics and aspects players need to consider while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map.

The Desert Map Size is huge, it is the biggest map I have ever personally seen in an MMO but hey, I don’t play MMOs other than Destiny, The Division, and PUBGs. But still, Desert map size is gigantic 4×4 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

Battlegrounds’ new map is set in a desert location and everything you learned in the original map is going to come in handy here. Like I said, the basics of survival are the same but due to the size and the color pallet of the new map newcomers will have a hard time getting used to things. Especially, those who didn’t spend time testing it on the test server.

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Battlegrounds Desert map is tough and a little overwhelming for newcomers. Xbox One X users are going to have a hard time playing for the first time as they didn’t have the test server available to them. Meanwhile, life won’t be easy for the PC users as well.

The sheer size of the new map makes it hard to locate enemies. The color of the backdrops, verticality, rooftops etc gives plenty of room to campers, and snipers. On PUBGs desert map, those with a mini14, M416, Scar-L, Kar-98 or similar weapons have a better chance at winning if they can find a scope to go with their weapon.

Since there are more towns in the desert map, close range battles are more frequent compared to the original map.  So it is best to get your hands on a Winchester rifle as a secondary weapon, and sawed-off shotgun or the new R45 Revolver as your sidearm.

However, winning on this map is all about making sure you are aware of your surroundings. Do not be afraid to fail as it would take some time for your eye to adjust to the new color pallet and easily spot enemies. In the beginning, it would be hard to spot enemies as they are able to blend in the environment better.

Those getting started in Battlegrounds desert map should focus more on surviving till the top 10 rather than going for kills in your first few games. Once you have a good idea of the map and understand how the new weapons work your judgment and instinct will train itself for better performance.

The desert map is huge so explore as much as you can in the first few games. Locate high loot areas as well as camping spots. Yes, there is no shame in camping as it is stupidity to run around like a headless chicken when you have no idea about your new surroundings.

The basics you learned from the original map still apply here. Loot, look around when you move, use a headphone to hear enemy footsteps, best to keep a car around in Squad games, solo players definitely need a scope on this map. If you are playing with random players online, do not stray away from your team as it will severely drop your chances of survival, use a mic to communicate with teammates, it is OK to stray away for a while if playing with friends but communicate with them and get back as soon as possible.

Some of the towns are surrounded by mountains and hills so if you are getting shot at and can’t locate the enemy, scope out the vertical spots as often players camp on top of the mountain near towns to pray on unaware opponents.

There is a new van in the game which is slow AF! Do not use the van to chase the circle. You will be better off running to the location as the van can’t handle climbing upwards at all. It is worse than Dacia in this regard.

We will keep updating the article based on our experience on the new Desert map. Check back for more updates and Battlegrounds Desert map tips and strategies. If you have anything to add to the article for our readers, make sure you comment down below.