Papers Please Vita Version Comes Out Tomorrow After Years Of PC Exclusivity

A Papers Please Vita version is coming out tomorrow just in time for the holidays, according to its creator Lucas Pope. The game has been PC-exclusive for around four years, but has now made the relatively big jump to a handheld console that has a touch screen to facilitate gameplay.

Papers Please is a simulation game where you have the glorious life of a border crossing guard. In the glorious country of Arstotzka, a war with a neighboring country has ended, and it’s your job to ensure that only the right sorts of people get in, in order to protect the country from terrorists. You also have to make enough money to feed your family, keep them warm, and take care of any unexpected expenses.

Papers Please quickly because a big sensation for its oddly compelling story, cast of characters, feeling of high-stakes tension, and fast-paced gameplay. With a number of different endings that you can get, whether you do well and stay loyal to the state, mess up and get imprisoned or executed, help a new revolutionary government take over, or escape to another country, there’s plenty of ways that the game could play out.

The reason that there’s a Papers Please Vita version and not a version on any other sort of console is because the Vita has a touch screen. Considering one of the big parts of Papers Please is dragging passports and documents around, it wouldn’t really be a good idea to port the game over to a device that doesn’t have touch controls.

Either way, if you still own the handheld version of a Playstation Vita, you can own the Papers Please Vita version when it comes out tomorrow. Otherwise, you can pick up the game on Steam for 10 bucks and play it the original way, or you can play it on an iOS device.