Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Kicked Off, See All The Released Skins

It’s that time of the year again! Overwatch’s winter event is back, bringing a bunch of new content to Blizzard’s famous FPS. As the year comes closer to its end, the game is celebrating by putting on its warm clothes and jingly soundtrack to introduce Overwatch Winter Wonderland. The event implements a new mode, The Yeti Hunt, new legendary skins and variety of limited cosmetics for all heroes.

As we detailed a few days back,  Mei’s Global Snowball Offensive will be back playable on both Antarctica and the Black Forest map but a new mode will also be available. A PvE brawl called “Mei’s Yeti Hunt” is available, featuring a team of 5 Meis fighting against a Yeti skinned Winston while he’s on his ultimate state Primal Rage. Players that have already tried out this mode are commenting on it, saying that it’s a lot more fun than last year’s themed mode.

Alongside the event, a few new legendary skins have popped up in the Overwatch shop. Here’s what’s new in Overwatch Winter Wonderland:

As expected “Reflections” comic Hanzo is here as well as a summer skin for Junkrat, representing the holidays in Australia, where he originates from. Noone can deny that Sombra’s skin is by far the most impressive skin in this bunch and Ana’s skin is a must have for all support mains.

Last year, Hanamura and King’s Road have received their winter holidays decorations and they will be available now as well. The Black Forest will also get its festive theme, taking the holiday maps count to three this year.

As expected a variety of new cosmetics including emotes, highlight intros, voice lines etc is added to the store and last year’s skins and cosmetics are available again for a limited amount of time.

What do you think about this year’s legendary skins in Overwatch Winter Wonderland? Will you be trying out “Yeti Hunt”?