Battle For Net Neutrality! Net Neutrality Will Die In A Month Affecting Gamers, Streamers And Sites, Unless YOU Fight

The battle for Net Neutrality is real and it is here. If you like the internet as it is then you need to voice your concern now before Net Neutrality comes to an end and the internet is owned by a select few corporations that will do with it what they please and you will pay for it.

Net Neutrality is very precious and dear to us all and we want the internet to be a free place just like it is right now but it might not be like that for long. The internet is playing a huge role in everyday life. It connects us with the people, communities, the world around us, and a seemingly never-ending pool of knowledge. What permits us to view information and contact our friends without any interference is “Net Neutrality”.

As you can see, Net neutrality plays a vital part in our rights, mainly, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It allows businesses and companies to advertise and sell their products freely, it allows small groups to raise awareness. It allows us to chat on Facebook and view famous people’s tweets on Twitter.

Battle For Net Neutrality Is Real And Is Here

Net neutrality laws, such as “Title II” of the FFC prohibit ISPs to interfere and change the content we view on the internet. Without net neutrality, ISPs can prevent us from viewing offers from small ISP startups and companies, or stop some people from being heard on the internet, such as politicians. This will have devastating effects on smaller companies, and democracy.

Net Neutrality

Digital games are on the rise, ISPs can charge players for downloading games. They could also charge them to play their games with a smooth connection. Sony can pay a huge sum of money to the ISP, so they could slow down internet speeds on Microsoft, so gamers may transition to other consoles.

Twitch may be charged to allow people view live game streams and how fast or slow they download the stream. There are many more examples of what could happen, but these are just to name a few. You can click here to see what you can do in order to make a difference. If you think that you are one person and what you do will have no meaning then you are wrong.

Even sharing this article will spread awareness to people that can help bring an end to this nonetheless. You can also see how the lack of net neutrality will affect gamers and streamer.

Let us know what you think about Net neutrality laws and what you think the FCC should do now.