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Flashpoint Movie Starts Production Soon, Jeffery Dean Morgan Hints At Playing Flashpoint Batman

“Ezra Miller” who starred in Justice League as The Flash (Barry Allen) has given us some pretty exciting news. Miller who played the role of the scarlet speedster in Justice League was one of the rare highlights of an otherwise mediocre film.

Fans were left talking about a solo Flashpoint movie, and Warner Bros are up to the task. They seem to be quietly moving forward with this enterprise. The lack of official update since the announcement is worrisome for many but according to Ezra Miller, Flashpoint movie will go into production soon.

Readers who follow the comics know how crucial Flashpoint is not only for Barry Allen’s personal life-based story but for the whole DC universe.

In the film, Barry attempts to time travel to save his mother regardless of knowing that his action can change the outcome on the DC mythos. The ongoing war between Aquaman and Wonder Women, and the existence of an evil and violent version of Batman with Thomas Wayne are just some of the repercussions of Allen’s recklessness. In this alternate world, Bruce Wayne dies in the gunshot rather than Thomas.

Speculations are on the rise about Flashpoint Batman and Jeffrey Dean, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, is likely to play the role. In fact, he expressed his desire to play Flashpoint Batman recently, going as far as hinting at his involvement in the project.

There’s a role in the DC Universe I’ve got my eye on,” Jeffery Dean Morgan said. If the movie follows its comic source material, Jeffery Dean would get the role. Other reports claim that Affleck will play Batman in the Flashpoint movie but at this point its all speculation and rumors.