Destiny 2 and The Division Face a Very Similar Problem, PvP Focus is Destroying PvE Balance

Destiny 2 and The Division face pretty much the same issue at the moment. It was also present when the original Destiny released and even though The Division and Destiny 2 are great games for many reasons, devs have failed to understand where they should out their efforts when it comes to balancing PvP and PvE.

Released in 2016, The Division is Ubisoft’s one of the most loved but criticised games. Same is the case with Destiny 2 but both IPs will always hold a special place in history as they were the first ones to kickstart MOBA scene in the shooter genre.

However, constant tweaking and weapons balancing have affected overall player experience; and not in a positive way. While both games have dedicated PvP communities, one must agree that The Division and Destiny 2 are not PvP focused games.

If they were, they would at least have a much better and complex online matchmaking infrastructure. The Division at least does have Dedicated servers to support PvP community but still, the entire design of the game isn’t geared toward a PvP experience.

Same is the case with Destiny 2.

The most common problem both games have is popular weapons being nerfed in the name of keeping PvP balance. The player ends up feeling less powerful which affects PvE experience, in games that are actually PvE focused that is a major issue for a large part of the community.

Remeber what happened with the Vex Mythoclast? A great god-tier weapon that Bungie ruined by nerfing it. It was toned down in both PvP and PvE.

It is necessary to balance the experience but how much enjoyable can a PvE game be if you keep taking power from popular gear and weapons? You can disagree about The Division and Destiny 2 being PvP driven but it is a fact that most play these games with friends for PvE.

The solution is pretty simple but of course, it is presumably complicated on a development level. PvP and PvE balancing should be kept separate.

Balancing PvE and PvP at the same time only results in a negative impact on the player experience. Especially, for a large number of players who enjoy these games with friends and folks they meet online in the PvE modes. Enemies end up becoming bullet sponges which is unacceptable.

When I raise my level and get high-end weapons, I deserve to feel powerful; a killing machine at times!