The Dutch Invade Civilization 6, Rise and Fall DLC Brings Their WW2 Queen

There’s a new Civilization being introduced in Civilization 6 Rise and Fall. The new expansion has been finally revealed and it is the Dutch civilization that was teased on Dutch TV show, RTL Boulevard.

The Dutch are under the leadership of Queen Wilhemena who ruled The Netherlands between her rise to power in 1890 and her abdication in 1948. Queen Wilhelmina ruled over the country through both World Wars and is known for her work in organizing and uplifting the Dutch civilians and the Dutch resistance during World War II. According to history, Queen Wilhemena managed to pull off that feat from London, using Radio Oranje. She held a daily transmission which was conducted 34 times.

Rumors have started flowing left, right and center ever since the release of this news. A Reddit thread which documented the reveal of the Dutch civilization in Civilization 6 Rise and Fall DLC speculate that Radio Oranje will be the name of Queen Wilhemena’s special ability in Civilization 6 Rise and Fall DLC.

Although no information has been shared yet, many believe that her special ability may be linked to the Dutch city loyalty or impose increased penalties to civilizations that occupy the Dutch settlements.

Apart from the introduction of a new civilization, Civilization 6: Rise and Fall’s unique upgrade for the Dutch is the Polder. It looks like a farmland tile that can be built on water, provides +2 food and 0.5 housing. The upgrade also showcases the iconic windmills of The Netherlands.

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is expected to be released on the 8th of February, 2018 and everyone is expecting it to be a thrilling adventure into the history of great civilizations highlighting their rise and the eventual fall from grace. Be sure to exercise your mind and read up on strategies that can aid you in mastering the game.