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To Take Part In A Way Out Online Play, You Only Need To Have One Copy

Hazelight’s new game A Way Out is like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, in that two characters have to work together in order to escape from a prison and go on the run. However, A Way Out online play is taking a new direction, and you don’t need two copies.

The announcement comes from the game’s director Josef Fares, who announced the game earlier this year after a long gap between his previous game, the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Fares made the announcement on his Twitter page, including the hashtag #FuckBuyingTwoCopies.

This is a big departure from other games that don’t have local co-op, as you often have to have two copies in order to play the game together. The ability for A Way Out to not require this might make it easier for players to go through the game together. Whether it will impact A Way Out’s sales, however, is another matter.

Having a game that requires both players to have copies before they can do any sort of co-op play has been part of games ever since couch co-op play started to fade away from video gaming. With the death of split-screen gaming, there have been fewer and fewer games that would allow players to play a game together, rather than exclusively across the internet.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons allowed couch co-op because both brothers were together throughout almost the entire game, and with both of them on screen players could either take control of one brother or play as both. While Brothers sold 800,000 copies as of 2015, hopefully the A Way Out online play method won’t keep that game from being just as popular.

A Way Out will be releasing sometime early next year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.