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Super Robot Wars 10 Gets An Announcement for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita

One of the most popular games in Japan and Asia is the Super Robot Wars series, a massive crossover game where mecha from all over Japanese anime get together to fight cross-dimensional threats. Now, the latest entry in the main series, Super Robot Wars 10, has been announced for Playstation consoles.

Featuring a variety of mecha animes ranging from Mobile Suit Gundam to Gurren Lagann to Code Geass and Mazinger, the games and the chibi sprites of the mecha have proven to be ludicrously popular in Asia, however, due to licensing issues (all of these studios having to work together means that a single “no” from a company would prevent the game’s release entirely) they’ve only recently had some release with English subtitles.

Normally the games are Japanese-exclusive, and thus come with no option for English subtitles. However, in 2016, two Super Robot Wars games, Super Robot Wars 5 and Super Robot Wars: The Moon Dwellers, were finally allowed to be given English subtitles, allowing players who imported them from sites like PlayAsia to play them without having to worry about knowing Japanese or having someone to translate.

Super Robot Wars 10’s story will focus on a world named Al-Warth, which plays host to a battle between the various mecha pilots of Japanese anime along with armies of the series’s normal hench-mecha.

So, if the idea of having all of your favorite mecha anime characters fighting alongside one another appeals to you, you’ll probably be able to buy and import the game on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita on April 26th of 2018.

And if you want to learn more about the sort of stuff you can expect from Super Robot Wars 10, you can still buy Super Robot Wars 5 and The Moon Dwellers for Playstation consoles as well. If you other Super Robot Wars fans have been waiting for something like this, you just have to wait four months.