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Square Enix Nintendo Switch Games May Be Coming As Square Enix Wants Remakes

We may be seeing more Square Enix Nintendo Switch games at some point in the future, as the company has said that they want to remake many of their titles for Nintendo’s smash hit of a console. Square Enix is responsible for making the Final Fantasy series, but that’s not all.

They’re also responsible for a large number of other well-regarded RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and more. Having a lot of these games available on the Switch outside of the Virtual Console (which still has yet to appear on the Switch despite it having been almost a year since release) might help Square Enix to introduce a new generation of fans to the games.

Considering that Secret of Mana, a game that originally came out on the SNES but has recently been re-released onto the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, just got a remake, it’s not that far outside the realm of possibility that Square Enix might remake other games like it into Square Enix Nintendo Switch games. After all, before Square and Enix merged together to create the company, Secret of Mana was a Square game.

Square Enix has also started remaking or remastering various different Final Fantasy games for the Playstation 4, so doing it again to more Final Fantasy games that originally released on the SNES would just be continuing the effort.

While Square Enix didn’t bring up any specific game in their talk about remastering Square Enix Nintendo Switch games, hopefully they actually will decide to start re-making games and putting them on the Nintendo Switch.

If Square Enix does decide to start putting more of their old games on the Nintendo Switch, hopefully we’ll hear about it either from Square Enix themselves, or from Nintendo during a Direct or some other event in the future.