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Overwatch Reporting System Will Now Notify You In-Game When Someone’s Banned

Blizzard recently overhauled its Overwatch reporting system to inform players whenever their actions helped in getting someone punished for bad behavior. The feature has so far been providing notifications through emails for more than three months. It is now being improved to provide the same notifications right in the game through a brand new user interface.

“If you’ve reported somebody and they’ve gotten actioned you’ll be notified in-game,” game director Jeff Kaplan told PCGamesN recently. “We’ve done a pilot program where we were experimenting sending emails to people. We’ll [soon] have the technology to do it directly in the game.”

The new Overwatch reporting system is scheduled to go live with the Winter Wonderland update tomorrow. Blizzard is confident that it will “restore some of people’s faith in the system” to be part of the battle against reducing toxicity in the game.

Despite various improvements over the course of months, the community has criticized the developer for not doing enough. This frustration stemmed from the fact that players were often unaware if their reports resulted in bans or not. The email notifications helped in this regard but the new in-game updates will make it even better by keeping everyone informed in real time.

The Overwatch reporting system is also receiving an additional nifty feature that will notify players in-game who are close to being punished. This will give them the chance to correct their ways or else face the hammer.

“[Another] feature is that if you’ve been reported a bunch and you’re getting close to an action against your account—meaning a silence, a suspension, or a ban—you’re actually going to get a warning now,” Kaplan revealed. “We think that warning will help with some of that behavior.”

Blizzard has been very vocal this year about its aim to remove all kinds of bad behavior from Overwatch. More than 480,000 accounts have been punished in various forms so far, more than 340,000 of which were a direct result of the in-game reporting feature.