League of Legends Tournament Mode Clash Confirmed for Early 2018

It was a few months back when Riot Games acknowledged the existence of a new League of Legends tournament mode called Clash that would provide an additional competitive environment for the community.

In a new video posted earlier today, lead producer “New001” confirmed that an extensive round of internal testing has finally concluded. This means that Clash is now being prepared to officially release early next year.

You will have the option to gain access to tournaments hosted by Riot Games from within the client itself. This will be done through a new currency called tickets that can be purchased with either Blue Essence or Riot Points.

Players can choose to bring their own roster to the table or be part of one. There will also be the option for leaders to trade and buyout players. Similar to any tournament, these will also feature special rewards for those victorious in their efforts.

More details on the pricing of tickets, eligibility, timings, rules, and more will be shared by the developer soon. In the meantime, expect the nifty League of Legends tournament mode to arrive in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the coming weeks.

Riot Games previously stated that it was interested in bridging the gap between professional players enrolled in the League Championship Series (LCS) and the best players of ranked queues. The notion was to give individuals of all skill-levels the opportunity to experience the thrill of esports from the comfort of their homes. Clash is to serve that very purpose.