League of Legends Tournament Mode Clash Requires Valid Phone Number to Prevent Smurfing

The new League of Legends tournament mode Clash will undergo a technical beta in Europe this week to gather additional feedback from the community.

Posting on the official forums just now, competitive designer Jon “IamWalrus” Moormann revealed that players in the region will soon notice a new “Competitive” tab in the client. Those interested can participate in the dummy tournament between December 15-17 and experience the mode first hand.

“Clash is still being developed but we want your feedback early,” Riot Games stated. “Beta testers will be able to give us opinions while they play, and afterwards you’ll receive a survey to give us even more feedback.”

Take note that players will require to link a valid phone number to their accounts before registering or joining a team. This is to maintain competitive integrity and ensure that the hazards of smurfing do not take over.

Other requirements include an account that has been leveled to at least 30, features a minimum Honor level of 2, and has completed placement matches for at least one ranked queue.

All who participate in the technical beta this week will receive “Clash Capsules” for their time. These scale with the number of wins attained and guarantee a 3-win XP boost, Clash team logo, and standard loot items such as champion shards and skin skins.

The announcement for the technical beta arrives shortly after Riot Games confirmed that the tournament mode Clash will officially release early next year. More details are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Being asked to link a phone number to prevent smurfing is not uncommon. Valve went forth to improve the quality of matchmaking in Dota 2 earlier this year by implementing the same requirement for ranked games.