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Destiny 2 Locked Content Fix Detailed for Tomorrow, Bungie Apologizes for “Mistakes”

The forceful requirement to purchase Curse of Osiris for accessing certain high-level Destiny 2 locked content that was previously available will finally be addressed tomorrow.

Posting on its official website earlier today, Bungie admitted that it “made some mistakes” by adjusting accessibility with the new expansion pack. It apologized to the community and explained just how it will be addressing the concerns this week.

The recommended power level for the Prestige Leviathan raid will be brought back down to 300. Its accompanying rewards will also be dialled back to match the reduced power level. Those who are yet to purchase Curse of Osiris will regain access to the raid and achieve “The Prestige” achievement/trophy. This also means that players will once again be able to get their hands on the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun.

Trials of the Nine and its accompanying “Lest Ye Be Judged” achievement/trophy will also similarly be opened for everyone, except when the weekly map is one from the expansion pack. The original rewards will return, but the seasonal rewards will still require the expansion pack.

The power level of Prestige Nightfall will remain at 330, but the normal Nightfall variants will no longer require Curse of Osiris unless the weekly map is from the expansion pack.

These changes are scheduled to arrive tomorrow with Update after a small maintenance period. Bungie has promised to also improve on Heroic Strikes, with new challenges, new Modifiers, and free access for all players in the future.

The disappointing tale of Destiny 2 locked content began right after Curse of Osiris released last week. The community was afraid that the developer might just adjust the achievements/trophies instead of the activities themselves. Thankfully, Bungie has proven that concern wrong.