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The Forest PS4 Releasing in 2018

Despite the many delays, the indie horror title, The Forest is finally ready to be released on PS4. Developed by Endnight Games Ltd, The Forest is a survival title about exploring a mysterious island. Available on Steam Early Access PlayStation 4 owners have been waiting since 2015 for The Forrest to come out for their consoles which hadn’t happened till now.

However, the new trailer that came out at the PlayStation Experience 2017 points towards the wait finally ending for PS4 users. Along with single-player mode, The Forrest will incorporate some co-op elements which were showcased in the newly released trailer.

Apart from that the specs and mechanics of the game are exactly the same as before.
The game starts with Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy Leblanc riding an airplane which mysteriously crashes on a remote island. The player, Eric and his son Timmy survive the crash but soon Timmy is kidnapped by a man in red war paint.

Therefore Eric must survive on this wild island, defending himself against wild animals and cannibalistic mutants. The player has to search the island for his son looking for clues that help the player piece the puzzle together. The majority of the plot takes place in the caves where the player discovers facts of the island and his son’s location.

The pre-alpha version of The Forrest was released back in May, 2014 through Steam Early access so it has been a long and patient wait for PS4 owners to have a take at it. If the trailer is any indication of how the game shall pan out, it is safe to say that The Forrest will turn out to be worth the wait.

The Forrest is also expected to release on PC by next year too making it stretch out across all major gaming consoles.