Tekken 7 PS4 Input Lag Fix Arrives This Week to Increase Responsiveness

The previously promised and much-requested Tekken 7 PS4 input lag fix will finally be deployed in the coming days, Bandai Namco announced over the weekend.

Despite several adjustments in the past months, the game still has a notable amount of delay on consoles. For the more competitive crowd, this aspect is simply unacceptable and a real hazard when it comes to stringing attacks.

According to producer Motohiro Okubo, the notorious Tekken 7 PS4 input lag should lessen when the next update releases on December 14. There is no way of ascertaining the amount of improvement to the responsiveness without any given patch notes, which should arrive soon.

It was only last month when game director Katsuhiro Harada claimed that Bandai Namco managed to reduce the Tekken 7 input lag by two frames. However, testing done by players uncovered no such changes.

The Tekken 7 input lag remains to be 7.7 frames on PlayStation 4 and around 8.1 frames on PlayStation 4 Pro. In comparison, Street Fighter 5 actually has a lower latency on the same console with 6 frames. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is said to be the winner in this regard, with an input lag of just 5.4 frames.

For those who have been living under a rock, Bandai Namco announced Soul Calibur 6 at The Game Awards last week. It is slated to arrive sometime next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Similar to Tekken 7, it is also powered by Unreal Engine 4.