Street Fighter 5 Season 3 Characters Include Sakura, Blanka, Sagat, and More

The much-awaited Street Fighter 5 season 3 characters are all set to expand the current roster next year, Capcom announced during Capcom Cup 2017.

Instead of hiding them behind silhouettes until the time of release, the developer has broken the tradition by unveiling the entire lineup from the start. This should help convince the fighting game community to either purchase the character pass or not.

Sakura will be the first to release and will be accompanied by her very own stage. Expect her moves and special skills to be broken down in the weeks to come. She certainly seems more powerful than the last time we saw her. Perhaps graduation has given her more time to practice her fighting stance.

Blanka will be the next to grace the roster with a larger mane than before. Falke and G are two new characters that will follow afterwards, both having some association with Ed. Between them will see the introduction of Cody, without his shackles and in a neatly pressed business suit. The final character in the lineup will be the fan-favorite Sagat.

The Street Fighter 5 season 3 characters will start releasing from January 16, the same date when Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition officially launches for everyone.

This was not the only prominent announcement for this weekend. The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is scheduled to release in May. It bundles twelve iconic installments from the series, starting from the very beginning. This includes all releases for Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter III.