Early Reviews: Star Wars The Last Jedi is the Best Star Wars Film

With Christmas around the corner, it is the time of year when all of us can relax and chill with our friends and family. The excitement of kicking back and getting days off from work is what makes the holiday season memorable for all us. But things just got extra fantastic for the Star Wars fans as Star Wars The Last Jedi is days away from release.

I think we can say, Christmas has come early for a few lucky Star Wars fans. The world premiere of Star Wars The Last Jedi happened last week and those who were chosen to be part of that historic event have shared some information (spoiler free) which will make all you Star Wars fanboys lose your mind. Some are even saying that it was better than Empire Strikes back! Could that be??

Star Wars The Last Jedi early impressions and reactions are filled with compliments for the new film. Some have even called it the greatest Star Wars movie ever produced while others have not been so quick to pass such a verdict. One Tweet appreciated the work of Rian Johnson saying his performance took the movie to a completely new level. Rian Johnson has been credited by the fans for making the movie funny, engaging, and wild.

It seems Luke Skywalker was right when he said. “This is not going to go the way you think,” in one of the trailers. According to Anthony Breznican’s Tweet, Star Wars The Last Jedi will “shatter you- and then make you whole again.” Amidst the news, such Tweets are a sign that this movie will keep the “force strong” for the fans and take the Star Wars Saga in a direction no one can really comprehend at the moment.

What seems refreshing is the praise for the actors who have apparently pulled off a masterpiece and have also managed to encapsulate those who were able to catch the premiere.