PlayStation 4 Will Continue to Dominate: Sony

After Andrew House stepped down as CEO of PlayStation, there must have been some shivers passing down the Sony think tank regarding the superiority of PlayStation in the gaming world.

Perhaps the presentation by the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment USA, Shawn Layden was a move to provide some calmness into the camps. During the PlayStation Experience opening, Layden gave a brief idea about the future of both Sony Interactive entertainment and PlayStation 4.

Regarding the routine of announcing official release dates which according to him takes place a little early
sometimes that can act as a “rod for one’s own back.” Sony is trying to be one of those studios who announce the release dates only when they are completely sure about not facing any setbacks.

As for his vision for 2018, Layden is pretty confident that PlayStation will remain at the top of the food chain and hold the “dominance of the gaming market.” He further added that as the installed base of PlayStation VR increases, many more creators will join into the new form of gaming entertainment.

Coyly, he was able to avoid a long unanswered question related to the option of changing one’s PlayStation Network name. As all of us know, that option is still to be given to the fans and they’ve been requesting it for a while now. In his reply, Layden said he hoped that this option will become available before the next PlayStation Experience.

It seems that all is wonderful at the base camp after House’s retirement. The confidence of Layden alongside his transparency about the strengths and weaknesses of Sony are both commendable and shows the gaming community the reason for their undisputed hold over the market.