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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Will Remain Live on Test Servers Until Release

In a recent Tweet posted by the official Twitter for PUBGs, a very exciting news was shared with the fans which should come as a sigh of relief, especially for PC gamers. It was stated that the test servers that feature PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map will remain open until the “PC 1.0” hit the live servers.

This means that the first phase is officially released across all servers, everyone can take a peek and report any and all bugs while giving important feedback to the developers.

In the Tweet, it is also mentioned that the developers are pretty confident about the “transition” being very transparent with hardly any hiccups and absolutely no downtime whatsoever.

However, the servers may go offline for maintenance periods to “deploy patches,” which are a step in making the game even bigger than before and fans can’t wait for PC 1.0 and Desert map  to come onto the live servers.

It’s still a mystery as to the specifications of the changes Phase 2 will incorporate. The most popular speculation going around is that the developers are running “debug builds” which will allow them to add information about even more variables into the algorithm.
This sure sounds exciting but we are still waiting to get an official date for the completion of Phase 2 and it coming online. Also whether the game could be pre-ordered or not, is yet to be confirmed.

With everything said and done, the excitment for this last man standing shooter game is peaking higher and higher every day. We are sure that all minute details will be shared soon, till then we urge all gamers to check out the test servers and take a feel of the game that is promising to blow everyone’s mind upon releasing.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available on PC and will soon arrive on Xbox One X.