How to Avoid Scam In CryptoKitties – How People Are Scammed In CryptoKitties And How To Avoid It

This How to Avoid Scam in CryptoKitties Guide will tell you all of the common things that you need to watch out for to make sure that you do not get scammed when playing Cryptokitties. Read on to find out what you need to look for before you purchase the cat of your dreams.

Scams are quite the norm in the gaming world ever since the advent of microtransactions and community stores. CryptoKitties is no different as many people get scammed due to not having enough information to quickly realize the true value of what they are looking at.

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How People Are Scammed In Cryptokitties And How To Avoid Scam in CryptoKitties

There are many ways to get scammed in CryptoKitties, and this How to Avoid Scam in CryptoKitties Guide will tell you three of the most common ones so you are always aware of what you buy.

Beginners are the ones who fall into these traps most of the time, but they are actually quite easy to avoid. There is no way to filter the cats in the marketplace so people have to rely on the information that they glean from the title to see if they like a cat or not, and this is how the opportunities for scamming arrive.

Scams to Watch out for in CryptoKitties

The first way that people are scammed is that the Gen of the Kitty that is being sold in the market. You might think that you are getting a great Kitty quite cheap, but you find that it is instead a common one, and you were scammed. Avoid this by looking at the actual Gen of the cat instead of just at the one mentioned in the title.

A lot of the times, the cooldown of the cats is also incorrect. This can also be an honest mistake due to siring and breeding which makes the cat change its cooldowns. Remember to check for the actual cooldown before you buy a cat to avoid this scam.

The third revolves around attributes, a seller may have mentioned that the cat has a “fabulous” attribute which is quite rare, and probably not true. Make sure to check all of the attributes of the cat prior to springing money for it.

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