Death Stranding Synopsis: What Is The Game Actually About?

There have been 3 trailers for Death Stranding and instead of answering questions about the game, we have even more questions regarding what the game is about. Here is our Death Stranding synopsis where I am going to tell you what the game is about and what you can expect to see when the game comes out. The latest Death Stranding trailer talks about 4 bangs and here we are going to go in detail.

Though it might seem that first three exposions are the Big Bang, that is not the case. The first bang is indeed the Big Bang and even though that is the name, an important thing to keep in mind is that this was not actually an explosion. It was the rapid expansion of the universe, if you were to put it in simple terms.

The second explosion that Sam talks about is supernova, the explosion that takes place due to the death of planets or stars. From the death of these stars, there was new life, new planets and new solar systems, including the one we live in today. Be sure to read about Mads Mikkelsen character in the game as well.

The third explosion that Sam mentions is the Cambrian explosion, which is a short span of time that occurred about 541 million years ago. In this period animals diversified rapidly. This was the period in which organisms developed from single-cell and cellular organisms to vast variety of organisms that we are used to seeing today.

It is important to note that even though this was a bang, it was not an actual explosion. Moving on to the fourth explosion that we hear about in the trailer. This fourth explosion might not be an explosion at all like other explosions that we have talked about earlier. Seeing the words that he has used in the trailer it seems that the band has already taken place but the effects of that bang have yet to be dealt with.

Sam also talks about this bang being the last, so it is possible that the world will be coming to an end and that mankind will not be able to survive this bang. Death Stranding will be about this fourth explosion and we will see all of this happen from Sam’s point of view. But what is this fourth explosion? That is hard to say.

Keeping in mind that Sam is comparing the 4th band to the Big Bang as well as the Super Nova, it is more than likely that the fourth band will be the introduction of multi-dimensional beings. We could see beings that have the ability to walk through dimensions as it would be something out of the ordinary and something that mankind would not have thought of.

What do these multi-dimensional beings want? What is their purpose on earth? Are they friend or foe? That is something that we will only find out by playing the game.

Let us know what you think about Death Stranding and whether or not this is something that you are looking forward to once it comes out.