Apple On-screen Fingerprint Reader Patent Found, Apple Has Not Given Up Yet

An on-screen fingerprint reader is something that we have already seen from Vivo but it is something that both Apple and Samsung have failed to implement in their flagship devices. It seems that Apple has not given up on the idea of the On-screen Fingerprint Reader and here we have an Apple on-screen fingerprint reader patent that shows what we might see in upcoming products.

The Apple on-screen fingerprint reader patent has been awarded for USA and Europe and it will be interesting to see what kind of security this new technology has to offer. One of the drawbacks of the new iPhone X is that there is no home button which means no fingerprint scanner either. While people were expecting the scanner to be on the back or on the power button that was not the case.

While FaceID is great, it is not perfect and we have already seen that it is not as secure as Apple would want you to think. Having that said I am sure there are plenty of people that still want the fingerprint scanner and this Apple on-screen fingerprint reader patent should provide people with some hope. You can check out the Apple on-screen fingerprint reader patent below:

We have been hearing rumors that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will also feature an on-screen fingerprint reader but that might not be the case at the end of the day. Seeing how people have reacted to the lack of fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone X this might be the next big move that Apple is going to make.

While listening to feedback has not always been the Apple way, this time the company might not have any other option.

Let us know what you think about this Apple on-screen fingerprint reader patent and whether or not you are interested in an iPhone that has a fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen.