“Your Snowdown Shop” Opens in League of Legends for the Holidays

“Your Snowdown Shop” has returned to League of Legends with a stock full of amazing discounts on both champions and skins, hand-picked by Riot Games to fit the festive theme.

Posting on the official forums earlier today, brand writer “Kantayams” confirmed that the shop will open on December 12 and shutter its doors on January 8. During this time, it will feature up to six unique champions or skins for each player in the game. The best part? They will be with a 70 percent discounted price.

Take note that the skins will not include legendary, limited, loot-exclusive, and ultimate tiers. In addition, any champions or skins released in the past three months will not be part of the deal.

The shop is basically a variation of “Your Shop” that returns to League of Legends on special occassions. It was present earlier this year and returned for the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2017) a couple of months back.

They have mostly been tailored to offer random skins for champions that are in line with the play-style of the player. This holiday season, however, that system has been put on a hiatus. This means that there is the possibility of seeing discounted skins for champions that the player might not be interested in playing, or discounted champions that excel in a different role not suited for the player.

Nonetheless, the time-limited Your Snowdown Shop offers a terrific opportunity to snag champions and skins at a very attractive price. Hold on to that precious holiday allowance, because it might be needed next week when the shop opens.