Path Of Exile “War For The Atlas” Expansion Now Available, Abyss League Available Too

Path of Exile “War For The Atlas” expansion is now available for download, giving you an extra reason to start playing, apart from the fresh started Harbinger League. As mentioned before, “War For The Atlas” includes 32 new randomized maps, new items, and gems as well as the Abyss League.

Grinding Gear Games indicate that the file size for “War For The Atlas” is around 5Gb for PC and Xbox One, though we see 6.1Gb on Steam. Either way, this update is a massive one so you won’t bother to wait for some more minutes for it to get ready. The company has also created a torrent file which you can use to download the whole game (including this next expansion) and you can find it in Path of Exile official page.

Path of Exile “War For The Atlas” is bringing two new types: Elder (which is portrayed with tentacle background) and Shaper (portrayed with Void background) which offer powerful properties, destined only for these items. These items can be only found in Elder and Shaper maps and are extremely rare to obtain.

As for the Abyss league and Hardcore Abyss league in Path of Exile “War For The Atlas”, they are challenge leagues that have limited playing time, just like the Harbinger. Completing the 40 challenges available in this league will reward you with microtransaction items, like wings, helmet, portal effect and trophies to use in your hideout. After the end of the leagues, all your items will be moved to you standard stash, as always.

Don’t forget that Path of Exile is a completely free-to-play action RPG that is constantly updated with free expansions. Even its store is filled with utility and cosmetic items so it can’t even be considered a pay-to-win RPG. However, there’s a huge market behind the game were players trade currency and items in-game for real money, something that is not even criticized by Grinding Gear Games.