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A New Trailer For Death Stranding Is Out, Did You Notice The Hidden Details?

Hideo Kojima didn’t leave us hanging at this year’s The Game Awards and gave us a disturbing and utterly weird new trailer for his upcoming project, Death Stranding. The 8-minute long trailer sees Sam (Norman Reedus) as its protagonist, who is struggling against what seems like alien entities, or something even more disturbing created by the will of a mastermind named Hideo Kojima.

Since yesterday, Death Stranding’s subreddit is on fire with fans trying to figure the trailer out, making connections and pointing out details that we might have missed.

We won’t about obvious ones like that guy, being crushed by the vehicle, who seems to be rapidly getting old as soon as “they” show up or about the fact that the guy standing on top of the vehicle is Mads Mikkelsen (who he might as well be).

Let’s see what Reddit users dug up and presented this time!

The trailer talks about an explosion and then we see a huge crater. What we didn’t notice though it that when Sam in submerged is the metallic door baring the “Bridges” logo that has an obvious crater on its right side.

Guillermo Del Toro has a pin with the same logo in the second trailer, though it is a bit larger than the one we see on the door. Sam narrates at the end of the trailer saying “First there was an explosion. And then came the next explosion”.

Could this be that the pins indicate the order in which the trailers came out? Or is this merely a change of design?

Another interesting thing is the fact that the little machines that move out of control when “they” are close seem to work only when the person is holding a baby. Notice that Sam’s companion drops the baby and his machine stops working, then Sam picks it up and his turns on. Weird right?

Speaking of babies, we all were wondering what their part is on Death Stranding. Reddit believes that they are some kind of clones used to revive people in case of emergency.

Apparently, Sam has a deep connection to his baby since the first trailer, but this time it’s inside him and not at his feet. This could mean that this trailer is set before the first one, where his baby is cut out of him, causing the big scars on his stomach.

Sam’s companion is twisting the cord of his “baby pool” right before he tries to shoot himself. Reddit believes that this is not just an act of disconnecting but he is transferring his consciousness to the baby, giving him a second chance.

We all know that Hideo Kojima loves to cameo in his own video games. He might have secretly done that in this trailer too. Just look at the following picture and the comments are yours.

Last but not least, Sam’s uniform may have to indicate something about his character. His suit is baring the code name 0914-137 which may be completely coincidental but could also be a reference to something. According to Redditors, this number when searching in the Bible is a passage that reads: “Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the rock.”

With a bit of searching, we can find that this passage’s meaning could be translated that God purposes to bless the earth through his chosen people. Could this mean that “they” are portrayed as the saviors of humanity?

Did you find any details that we forgot to mention? What do you think about Death Stranding’s new trailer?