PlayStation Boss Andrew House Leaves Sony With a Heartfelt Goodbye and Thank You

“Thank you for always being there, and for always pushing us,” said the now former CEO of PlayStation Andrew House as he officially stepped down from the post last night at The Game Awards. It was back in October of 2017 that House announced that he is moving on to “new challenges” and that his stay at PlayStation, for now, was to ensure a smooth transition.

It was a stirring farewell followed by a short video which showed some memories from down the lane encompassing a much younger Andrew House. Regarding the evolution of PlayStation he proudly said:

something from its inception to great heights, working through some dark days, and then bringing it back to success and relevance.

He poured his heart to his love for gaming and how the same love is generated at PlayStation. For them, it was always about the games. 3D graphics, CD Roms and even the memory for PS4 were all decisions made by game developers and game lovers.

House looked to his “fantastic team of colleagues with immense dedication to the game and to the brand,” and thanked them for all the love and support over the years. Retiring a happy man, House said that he was glad to have helped make games a “mainstream creative media that can rival and supersede any entertainment form.”

Finally, he looked back at all the relations he formed with brilliant creative minds in the industry and how together they made their vision, a reality. According to House, it is the creatives that changed that face of entertainment and this was a “small part” of helping them.

It was an emotional day for Andrew House but we wish him all the best and thank him for making our lives awesome with PlayStation!