Nvidia Titan V Nvidia Volta Based Graphics Card Announced: 5120 Cores, 12 GB HBM2 VRAM, $3000

The Nvidia Titan V has been announced and it is based on the Nvidia Volta architecture. The graphics card features 5120 cores and 12 GB of VRAM but costs $3000. Keeping in mind the price tag, the graphics card is not for the gaming market but the professional consumer instead. This is the first graphics card apart from the Tesla and Quadro series to feature HBM2 memory.

We also talked about HBM3 memory and DDR5 memory specs so you should check that out as well to see what kind of performance benefits these upcoming standards have to offer. The look of the graphics card is pretty standard as compared to what we have already seen from Nvidia. We have the standard blower style design, nothing too fancy there.

The graphics card features the GV100 GPU, 640 Tensor Cores, 320 texture units. Other than that you get 110 TFLOPs of GPU performance for AI-related algorithms. The base clock of the graphics card is 1200 MHz and the graphics card can boost to 1455 MHz. The Nvidia Titan V is a 250W dual-slot card and will need an 8 pin and a 6 pin power connector to power.

According to the official press release:

TITAN V excels at computational processing for scientific simulation. Its 21.1 billion transistors deliver 110 teraflops of raw horsepower, 9x that of its predecessor, and extreme energy efficiency.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang also talked about the Nvidia Titan V and the following is what he had to say about the graphics card.

“Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI. We broke new ground with its new processor architecture, instructions, numerical formats, memory architecture and processor links. With TITAN V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world. I can’t wait to see their breakthrough discoveries.”

You can check out the graphics card in the images below.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia Titan V and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in.