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We Now Have 100,000 Players Wanting Disney to Revoke EA’s Star Wars License

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is without a doubt the most controversial game ever released due to the greed of Electronic Arts taking over their understanding of consumer behavior. If you are one of the players enjoying this game then congratulations, you’re amongst the small minority! It is important to understand that the game is undergoing changes because the fans had finally had enough of the exploitive nature of EA.

The outrage has been unprecedented with petitions coming forward demanding Disney to revoke EA’s Star Wars License.

Amidst the chaos, EA faced an 8.5% drop in stocks resulting in a loss of US$ 3.1 billion with a further 5% drop making things even worse. But EA it seems is turning a blind eye to this and adamant about micro-transactions as the way forward.

EA CFO, Blake Jorgensen spoke to the media defending the pay-to-win mechanics of the game and claiming that EA wishes to create games with long-term gaming possibilities. This was not well received by the fans and saw Jorgensen’s statement as a slap on their face.

Meanwhile, Disney has been forced to intervene, thus, the micro-transactions went offline temporarily. The fans have been quite vocal wanting Disney to end all deals with EA and give this platform to studios who have actually given the gamers their undivided attention and incorporated in their games all systems aimed at fair play and even distribution and opportunities. The viral petition wanting Disney to revoke EA’s  Star Wars license now sits with over a 100,000 signatures.

The fans want other studios such as CD Projekt Red or Insomniac Games to be given an opportunity and license to remove all problems created by giving Star Wars license to EA. Whether this will actually take place is still left to speculation. However, a mutual consensus developed is that if Disney sticks with EA, it will be years before an improvement in the Star Wars video game series is made.