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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Changes Are Insufficient

Electronic Arts have begun rolling out changes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4, Xbox One, and PC after an unprecedented backlash faced from the gaming community, the media, and the government officials. Their loot box based progression system is being considered as the worst form of micro-transactions ever introduced in a triple-A title.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay allows for “pay-to-win” mechanisms to strong-arm players into purchasing further credits and those unwilling to be part of this obnoxious scheme will be forced to grind for thousands of hours in order to unlock all features. Thus, purchasing loot boxes is a must in order to save time and gain multiplayer advantages in Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay.

In response to the outrage, EA decided to take some steps back. Three changes were announced in order to create some fairness to the game. For example, end-of-round payment has been increased.

Secondly, EA has allowed for Arcade mode credits to be tripled before hitting the daily cap and finally, daily login crates are now carrying more crafting parts than before which is, of course, the currency used to upgrade star cards in Battlefront 2.

Overall, these minor changes are nowhere close to being enough. This monetization technique is beyond bizarre. Overwhelmed by greed it seems EA is refusing to back down from its monetization policy in a meaningful way and a way that balances Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay.

These changes may reduce the grind but loot boxes are still nonetheless what the game is centered around. It explains why EA is having a hard time fixing the title as the entire game was created around predatory loot boxes.

Furthermore, the awarded credit systems seem to primarily consider time spent in the game resulting in farmers gaining 500+ credits for doing nothing. The need to attribute credits based on in-game performance is still being ignored by the developers.

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