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PUBG Xbox One Marketing Team Will Drop Real Loot Crates in Australia This Weekend

Microsoft has something very unique, unheard of, and awesome in mind to promote the upcoming official release of the PUBG Xbox One version in Australia.

The regional marketing team will be dropping real-life crates in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane this weekend. That is one for each city and which will be stuffed with more than a dozen different items to behold. The list includes brand new Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles, Xbox Elite controllers, membership codes to Xbox Live, and digital download codes for the game itself.

The loot crates will also feature “unspecified” gear, which could possibly be the new and exclusive cosmetic items datamined recently for the PUBG Xbox One version.

The exact location of the three supply drops and other pertaining information, such as the passwords to unlock them with, will be revealed by Microsoft through the official Xbox Australia Facebook page very soon.

The crates are scheduled to be available on Saturday, December 9. It is unknown if Microsoft is actually air-dropping the loot boxes, but you will have to simply say the password to an accompanying Xbox staff member on the site to attain the goodies.

The PUBG Xbox One version officially launches on December 12 through the Game Preview program. It is available for pre-order right now for the same price of $30. The PC version, on the other hand, is gearing towards leaving early access and releasing in full on Steam later this month.