Hearthstone Patch Notes for Kobolds and Catacombs Reveal New Pause Feature

The official Hearthstone patch notes have arrived just a day before the unexplored underground realm of Kobolds and Catacombs finally becomes accessible.

Posting on the official website earlier today, Blizzard listed three new card backs that have been added to the game. Some of these require ownership of the new expansion pack, while others do not.

“Azeroth is Burning” can be acquired through a special promotion, while “Catacomber” can only be obtained by reaching Rank 20 in Ranked Play before the end of the month. Finally, there is “Frostfire” that requires Rank 20 in Ranked Play again but in the month of January next year.

The posted Hearthstone patch notes are pretty minor overall, including a few improvements to the user interface and draft adjustments to Arena. However, there is one change that holds great significance for players and particularly for the tournament organizers.

The issue of disconnections in Friendly Challenges has been addressed by introducing an automatic pause feature. The game will display a countdown while waiting for the player to reconnect. When the player joins the game again, the turn timer will restart. This way, the one who disconnects will not lose a turn. In competitive matches, this will only end up as a real blessing.

Kobolds and Catacombs is scheduled to release tomorrow. Remember to log in afterwards to receive three card packs and a random Legendary Weapon card from the expansion pack for free. Three additional card packs can be earned as well by completing three sequential one-time Dungeon Run quests.