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Fire Emblem Heroes Voted Best Game 2017 By Google Play Japan

One of Nintendo’s first games to be introduced in mobile platforms, Fire Emblem Heroes is now awarded as the Best Game 2017 from Google Play Japan. The game first launched in February 2017 and it, since then, its revenue reached  270 million dollars with 3 of which made only on its first day.

Its developer team, Intelligent Systems was there on stage to take the award and game directors Kouhei Maeda and Shingo Matsushita later spoke to Famitsu App about what made Fire Emblem Heroes such a hit. The interview was translated by Reddit user drnged. Matsushita replied to this question:

I do believe one of the key factors was our receptiveness to playerbase, and incorporating their views by making appropriate changes to the game. We want to keep answering the expectations of our fans, so we’ll continue to make sure we keep a finger on the community’s pulse. Even if that’s the only thing we get credit for, that’d be good enough for me.

What didn’t come as a surprise is the fact that Maeda thinks the “never-ending” character of Fire Emblem Heroes is what makes its development hard. The team has to constantly create new content, unlike other typical consumer games.

Both directors think that keeping the player base to the size it is, or even increase it is their first priority, with no visible intent to work on new titles. Matsushita tried to “hype” mobile players to try Fire Emblem Heroes:

Start playing from the second arc, please! (laughs) You’ll get a really strong character after finishing it, which I believe would help you enjoy the game even more. We’ll be making more adjustments to help new players enjoy the game, so please look forward to it.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on Android and iOS devices and a new update is available as of last week, adding new legendary heroes, blessings as well as leveling up weapon skills.