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How to Unlock the Destiny 2 Crimson Hand Cannon in Curse of Osiris

There is no better way of saying this but the Destiny 2 Crimson hand cannon can only be obtained through sheer luck. This is because the weapon is an Exotic engram drop. There is no special event, exclusive mission, or specific location involved. The only thing there is to do is continuously farm with fingers crossed. Guardians will unfortunately have to fight against the maddening system and hope that one of the few early random drops is the weapon in question.

For those unaware, the Destiny 2 Crimson hand cannon is a spiritual successor to the Red Death pulse rifle from the first installment. It was deemed as the “deadliest” weapon in the game and has now been reborn as a three-round burst sidearm in the sequel. Those who do manage to add it to their inventory will experience one of the most satisfying ways to take out opponents yet.

Besides the feel, the weapon also features several prominent perks:

  • “Banned Weapon” produces a high kickback for the massive burst fire
  • “Smallbore” increases range and stability
  • “Accurized Rounds” increases range
  • “Cruel Remedy” heals for every kill
  • “Heavy Grip” increases stability and decreases handling speed

In addition to everything else, there is the “Silver Bullet” weapon ornament that cleans up the hand cannon to add an elegant silver and gold finish with a beautiful pearl grip. Guardians can choose between a more civil exterior or intimidate opponents with a bloody barrel.

Take note that you will require to purchase Curse of Osiris, the first expansion pack, before venturing out in search of the glorious Destiny 2 Crimson hand cannon.