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New Jax Skin Gives Him a Real Weapon in League of Legends

The festive season of giving has found Riot Games to be working on a new Jax skin that players will eventually go berserk with in League of Legends.

“God Staff Jax” sees the grandmaster finally ascend to divinity with a mighty weapon that seemingly holds the flame of life itself, featuring all new animations and attire that are decked in blessed gold.

The new Jax skin will be the second inclusion in the god-like lineup. The first one was “God Fist Lee Sin” that released for the game earlier this year as a legendary skin for the blind monk. Without any confirmation on the pricing, we can only assume whether the new Jax skin will also end up as a legendary skin or not. It certainly looks good enough to be regarded as such.

Jax currently has nine skins to his name in League of Legends. He has soared and fallen through the years of meta but has never received any notable additions to his wardrobe. It is finally time for the champion to start bashing heads with a real weapon.

Riot Games released Patch 7.24 earlier today with a ton of changes for the holiday season. Keep in mind that there will be another patch incoming this month before the pre-season can be officially concluded. The Public Beta Environment (PBE) should have received more updates by then and we may obtain further information on the new Jax skin.