Free Summoner Name Change Offered for Riot Games’ Merch Store Security Bug

It was a couple of weeks back when a critical security bug on the official Riot Games Merch Store allowed several hundred users from Europe to accidentally log in from the accounts of others and access their personal information. The developer has now started contacting the affected parties to relay more details about the unfortunate incident and offer an extended apology.

According to an email sent out (via Dot Esports) by the company this week, sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers were kept safe during the time the security bug was alive. What was accessible was information such as summoner names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and residential addresses.

In the event that any individual has saved personal information of another for future attempts at fraud, they will face strict disciplinary action from Riot Games. The developer has promised to continue monitoring everyone involved to see if they try to use personal details from another account. It is sternly advised that players change their passwords as soon as possible just to be on the safe side.

Finally, Riot Games has offered a free Summoner Name change in League of Legends to everyone who experienced the security bug at no additional cost. This will prove helpful to those who want to keep a low profile in the game.