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5 Best Things to Take Away From League of Legends Patch 7.24

It should be pointed out that the League of Legends Patch 7.24 was originally supposed to be the last one for the pre-season. However, Riot Games has deemed it necessary to push another batch of changes next week before heading out for the holidays. This is primarily because of the recent extensive overhauling of the game, and the developer wants to ensure as much balance as possible until it returns next month to resume work.

The official patch notes for the League of Legends Patch 7.24 confirm just how the community will be celebrating the festive season this year. There are various tweaks and adjustments across the board, new game modes and skins to experience, and several quality-of-live improvements.

Here are five of the best things that you should know about the League of Legends Patch 7.24 before heading in.

Snowdown celebrations with game modes, skins, and missions
“Legend of the Poro King” returns from last year alongside a new game mode called “ARURF” for the duration of the event. The former has players pelting each other with snowballs on the Howling Abyss, while the latter features all Snowdown and winter-themed skins for free.

Ambitious Elf Jinx, Snow Fawn Poppy, and Santa Draven are the three new Snowdown skins for this year. In addition, there are several Snowdown emotes to obtain and new missions to complete during the festivities.

Runes receive further changes
The ambitious initiative to overhaul the older runes was always going to result in balancing woes. Riot Games has already tackled several of them and the latest patch does it even more. “Lethal Tempo” is getting a mighty nerf, while the other two keystones are getting buffed. “Triumph” and “Coup de Grace” are also getting nerfed, majorly because everyone was taking them no matter what.

Zoe gets sent to the corner
Much like every new champion, the ancient bubbly entity also requires a few more adjustments before calling it a day. Paddle Star (Q) has been fixed to now do what it is supposed to do, and Spell Thief (W) has been nerfed to reduce the duration of spell pick-ups from minions. Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E) has also been changed to reduce the travel distance and more.

Quality-of-life improvements
Pinging a turret, nexus, or inhibitor now messages the remaining percentage health in team chat. This works similarly for Eye of the Herald but for its remaining duration. The ability icons for Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Nunu, and Renekton have been updated with shiny new ones.

The in-game health bars have been updated as well. Champions now display different states such as armor shred, spell shields, invulnerability, extra life, resurrection, and more.

Clubs can now support an additional fifty more members. The community would also love the fact that the patch allows you to invite people to your party from the end-of-game screen without adding them as a friend.

Ton of balancing
While the last patch refrained from taking on more champions, the latest one does so for over twenty of them. This batch of balancing covers all the roles but take note that the mid-December patch is said to bring even more changes to the top lane champions. Those may even affect other lanes.