Ubisoft Promises to Address Rainbow Six Siege Dropshotting in Due Time

Ubisoft is fully aware of the rather problematic “dropshotting” technique in Rainbow Six Siege but it may take time before the issue is addressed.

Responding to a recent thread on Reddit, the developer confirmed that it has been planning to work on a remedy for some time now. However, it is not something that the development team is currently taking as high priority. Hence, there is only the promise that a solution will be presented sometime in the future.

Dropshotting is a fairly common tactic in several first-person multiplayer shooters and specifically in the Call of Duty franchise. Players basically go prone while firing at targets to evade incoming damage. This not only reduces their hitboxes but also based on the manner of character animations, disorients the opponent for an added disadvantage.

Rainbow Six Siege is a fast-paced tactical shooter where mere seconds of gunfight can result in death. In addition, dropshotting counters the aspect of realism that the game takes pride in.

This is not the first time that the community has shown frustration on the nefarious firing technique. Similar complains have surfaced in past years.

Most recently, Ubisoft announced the Year 3 roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Chimera will be the first of four seasons, all contributing new operators and maps. There is also a new three-player cooperative mode called Mission Outbreak that should surprise the community early next year.