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PUBG Vehicles Were Modified to Behave Like Real-World Models for Engine and Sound Improvements

The audio technology used for vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of many elements that the developer has been working to improve. Today, we get a deeper look into the entire process that was undertaken to bring the in-game machines closer to realism.

Posting on the official Steam Community page earlier today, the developer admitted that the vehicle audio quality was incredibly lacking in comparison to the rest of the audio used in the game. However, it was not easy to improve the sound effects and sound samples because there was no audio library available with the correct vehicles.

“We researched granular synthesis plugin (REV) and it reduced our usage of channels and CPU per vehicle,” PUBG Corp. revealed. “This improved the sound quality dramatically by taking the exact engine RPM from each vehicle model.”

The developer continued with the initiative by modifying the in-game vehicles to behave more like the real-world versions. It contacted several recording companies in Germany to ask for audio samples for engine, driving, brakes, and etc. They took approximately two to three weeks to find the exact list of vehicles and record the audio in real-time. The developer then simply used the received files with the REV program to “tweak and fit the actual driving experience with proper acceleration curve and parameters” in the game.

The process is not uncommon and is extensively used by developers for major racing simulations. The system is not exclusive to just a single genre. In the case of recent Battlefield installments, DICE actually recorded sound samples for most of its weapons by firing them in a recording studio.

“We worked on engine sound, gear box shifting sound, clutch, ground surface running sound, spinning/sliding/braking wheels, and there are still more detailed sounds to come,” PUBG Corp. further added.

The developer expressed great interest in creating its own sound samples in the future by partnering with filming studios. It is also keen on switching between the interior and exterior sound of a vehicle when a character shifts between first-person and third-person perspectives. The technology is already there but it is yet to be perfected.

PUBG is currently preparing to release on Xbox One later this month, followed by a full release on PC through Steam.