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Niantic Announces Ingress Prime And Ingress Anime Will Be Comming Next Year

The studio behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, didn’t come into the whole augmented reality games play with the release of its Pokemon title. Way back, the studio created a similar themes title called Ingress, which was a really promising project but was “buried” too soon. Niantic is now announcing Ingress Prime, a follow-up title for Ingress as well as an anime based on it.

When last year,  CEO and founder of Niantic, John Hanke was asked about how Pokemon Go Pokestops and Gym locations were selected, he said that the players have to thank other gamers on that matter, especially Ingress. Although this game was extremely popular back to its days, by the time the release of Pokemon Go was around, it was mostly forgotten.

Niantic sees the potential behind Ingress’ theme and wants to create something more of it, use more depth to its fiction and redesign its user interface. The company stated:

In Ingress’ fiction, the world is filled with portals – often tied to art and other points of interest – which offer a link to a mysterious extra-dimensional energy source, XM. Some people, the so-called Enlightened, see it as a stepping-stone toward the next stage in human evolution. The Resistance see it differently, and are working to keep humanity free from the influence of XM and the Shapers, an alien intelligence behind it all. The story is told through comics, novels, and a series of polished news broadcasts on the Ingress YouTube channel.

When the time for Ingress Prime release will come, all leaderboards will be wiped but you will be able to keep your progressions such as levels and items. If you want to know more you can head out to its official website and sign up.

We have no details as to what the Ingress anime will look like, but we’re hoping that it implements some terms seen in the game to make it more immersive and realistic to the fans.