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New Overwatch Matchmaking Changes Promise Similarly Skilled Teammates

In the past two years, the community has constantly been floating concerns and expectations for the Overwatch matchmaking system. This has led Blizzard to release several adjustments to fine-tune the process of pairing players together for balanced competitive sessions. The holiday season now brings further tweaks to ensure fairness.

The official patch notes for this week confirm that new improvements to the Overwatch matchmaking system will “decrease the range of Skill Rating between players on the same team” in Competitive Play. This should help players find equally skilled allies, and be pitted against equally skilled opponents. Blizzard believes that the new changes will lead to more satisfying games overall.

The latest patch is smaller in scale and elsewhere, fixes a bug relating to an unusable main menu for certain players. In addition, Moira has received a couple of changes. The newly released hero has had her ultimate ability renamed from Fusión to Coalescencia in Latin American Spanish. Her Biotic Orbs have also been fixed to no longer pass through terrain and structures.

Last week, Blizzard promised that it would soon be adding “a lot of new items” to the base loot boxes in the game. There are also several new events inbound for the community, packed with more digital goodies to collect.

Take note that the highly ambitious Overwatch League will start its pre-season tomorrow. The inaugural first season will then commence from January 10.