The Infamous Destiny 2 Experience Scaling System Happened Because Of The Loot Cave

The Destiny 2 experience scaling system that’s been causing so much controversy for the game lately apparently has a cause that goes all the way back to Year One of the first game: apparently, it was implemented out of concern for another loot cave exploit like in the first game’s first year.

Any Destiny player that’s been with the series since day one likely remembers the Loot Cave, an enemy-spawning cave that players would camp outside of and kill any enemy that came out in order to grind for gear. Bungie quickly eliminated this in a patch, but the specter of the Loot Cave has hung over them for years afterward, apparently.

The controversy originally started due to Bungie altering what your XP gains would be as you played various activities, but the reason that it was put there in the first place was so that players would be able to get proper rewards without having to queue up at a cave and shoot into it for hours on end.

The Destiny 2 experience scaling system is a leftover from that time, when players who did well in the Crucible would often not get anything while the worst players would randomly get legendary weapons, or when Rare Engrams would decrypt into green Common ones. Destiny’s stinginess with good loot gave way to plenty of memes about it, and Destiny 2 was crafted to avoid having to grind at a loot cave for legendary loot again.

With the Destiny 2 Masterwork weapons mechanic being added at some point in the future, hopefully this and the Destiny 2 experience scaling system being removed will help fix some of the problems with the new game. These, along with the Curse of Osiris expansion coming out tomorrow, are sure to bring in a lot more new content to the game that players can take part in.